Dr. Nowhera Shaikh at Niti Ayog

Our Goals

All India Mahila Empowerment Party

We stand true to our slogan, we intend to provide justice to one and all who are on the path of asking their rights to justice.


Women have been facing backlash for n number of reasons. Some incidents of violence they face are out in the open while some are still in the darkness of fear that does not let them come out and demand justice. We help them choose the right path and will put in the best of our efforts to address these issues and to come out with appropriate solutions.

Humanity and Rights

We are here to bring a change in all aspects irrespective of the issue being small or big. We promise to bring about a revolution that will make this society a safe place. We thrive hard every day to solve these issues and to bring back the humanity in the society. Our initiatives will cover a large set of issues and minimize the issues that people have been facing.


Education is the birthright of every individual and no authority or caretaker of children can take this right from children. Irrespective of gender, children should be sent to schools and should be encouraged to learn skills. Right education at the right age fosters children to be better individuals. Our programs have brought students under one roof where they are taken care of and are also given education.

Child Labour & Child Caring

Child abuse has been one of the worst cases that are increasing day by day. Our pledge is to make this society a safe and sound place where children are treated with utmost care and importance. Our initiatives have aided children in setting up orphanages for children who are left to live by themselves. This is just the beginning, we are here to serve the society, and this begins only with children as they would be the youth who will lead the generations to come.


India is a country which ripens innocent and smart minds to be the future that will take the country forward. Early education helps children comprehend the right values and skills at the right phase of life. To help children become smart youth we provide educational schemes, following which they would be given schemes that guarantee employment for the unemployed youth. Numerous Employment creation units have also been planned to be set up in every Taluk. Besides this, loan schemes will also be made available to youngsters who want to create their own livelihoods by choosing the path of Entrepreneurship.